Zeiss Artevo 800

The 3 D Zeiss Artevo 800 microscope is the latest technological advance that has been acquired by the National Institute of ophthalmology. The Artevo offers the surgeon a 3-dimensional view of the surgical field thereby enhancing the surgical experience. With this state-of-the-art device, even the smallest part of the eye is viewed and magnified stereoscopically on the 55-inch high definition 4K screen, offering greater precision as well as accuracy. This microscope offers superb resolution and enhanced depth of field despite the low light intensity that is very comfortable for the patient during surgery. With the addition of optical and digital microscopes, this hybrid technology has opened a whole new dimension to ophthalmic surgery. NIO is proud to offer this futuristic technology to its patients. It helps us to make the process of eye surgery faster and successful and more precise giving what the patients truly deserve.