When to consult an eye doctor


There is a misconception among many people that children do not need regular eye care like elders. This misconception and ignorance can prove to be dangerous for kids suffering from eye infections or refractive errors. A child is equally prone to vision problems and eye diseases, which makes regular eye examinations extremely important.

NIO eye specialists recommend eye checkups at various stages such as:

  • When child is 3 years old.
  • When the child enters pre-primary school
  • When the child enters secondary school.
  • Whenever the child complains of pain, or severe irritation in the eyes.
  • In case of an external body/object entering the child's eye.
  • Regular checkups are recommended if the child's family has a history of eye problems.


  • Adults should visit their eye specialist once in a year.
  • Adults suffering from diabetes should visit their eye specialist once every 6 months.
  • Even mild pain in eyes should be taken seriously by people who have family history of eye problems.
  • If an adult experiences pain in eyes, and is forty years or older he or she should visit an eye doctor specially to check if their eyes need reading glasses.


You should immediately visit your eye specialist in case of red eyes, pain in eyes, diminished vision or if your eye is continuously watering.

You can call our eye care team @ 02041460100/ 02025536369 to schedule an eye checkup.